Tips for Clearing an Acreage

Tips for Clearing an Acreage

If you live on an acreage, you’ll quickly discover how easy it is for that land to get cluttered with equipment and foliage. Before you know it, your property is looking unsightly. Decluttering things may be in order. Here are some tips for cleaning things up.

Get Rid of Old Equipment You Don’t Need

If you have old cars on your property, look online for a company willing to haul them away for free. Contact a scrap metal collector to clear away old mattress springs and other pieces of metal that are lying around and rusting. Get rid of old oil tanks by contacting professionals such as residential oil tank removal Sullivan County NY to clear them away.

Tear Down Old Buildings

Old buildings are not only an eyesore, but they can house vermin and be dangerous. Tear them down to eliminate that risk. There are people out there who demolish derelict structures for scrap wood, and you can usually find them either through word of mouth or online.

Call a Firewood Company To Cut Away Dead Trees

Dead and fallen trees are not only unpleasant to look at, but they can also hide snakes and become a fire hazard. Get rid of those dry logs by contacting a local firewood provider. Such companies are happy to cut up and haul them away to sell for firewood

Clear Away Scraggly Bushes

You also want to make sure that there aren’t any bushes close to your home. Snakes hide in these, along with other unpleasant animals such as skunks and opossums, so keep those bushes trimmed. That way you won’t have harmful creatures lurking close to your front door.

Also, be sure and mow the grass around your property on a regular basis for the same reason. Nasty creatures won’t be able to hide in the tall grass, and your property will also be more attractive.

Cut Down Any Dead Cedar Trees

A dead cedar tree is highly flammable, and any near your home will act like tinder capable of burning your dwelling to the ground, so cut down the dead cedars near your property.

While you may want your acreage to have a natural vibe, you still need to maintain it by clearing clutter away on a regular basis. Not only will your property be more attractive, but it will be a safer and healthier home for you and your family.

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