Essential Tips for Siemens Wine Cooler Use

Essential Tips for Siemens Wine Cooler Use

Wine coolers are trending amongst oenophiles everywhere, and with good reason. Keeping your cherished collection at optimal temperatures ensures your wine’s longevity and ensuresat every mouthful is as full flavoured as intended. Your choice of wine cooler depends on the size of your collection and where you intend to keep it. Large and small options, free-standing or built-in, with every possibility catered for. Your wine bottles have never had it so easy. Irrespective of if you have a Bodega43 Wine coolers, Siemens wine cooler, or another brand entirely, there are some points to bear in mind.

Welcome Home, Cooler

When your cooler gets home, don’t jump the gun and start filling shelves. First, ensure that your cooler is in the best possible spot. The floor must be level and preferably uncarpeted. A plastic mat underneath is easy to clean and saves the hassle of attempting wine stain removal from carpets. There must be enough space around the unit to ensure adequate airflow, maintain temperature, and aid heat dissipation. Built-in models especially should be thoroughly checked before switching on. Once your cooler is in the ideal position, give it a quick cleaning and airing to eliminate the new cooler smell. After thorough drying, let it run for at least two hours before stocking up.

How to Keep Your Wine Happy

Both the Siemans and the Bodega43 coolers have inspired tech in protecting your bottled beauties. Both have good insulation, soft LED lighting and UV resistant glass. All models have wooden shelving to absorb vibrations and excellent temperature-controlled zones. It is important to note that different wines require different storage temperatures to remain at their peak. Red wine prefers a range between 10 °C and 18 °C, while white revels in the seven °C to 10 °C content. Sparkling wines, roses and bruts also have their preferences, so when filling your cooler, ensure that the different temperature zones accommodate the correct bottles. Always store your wine on its side to keep the corks moist. Dried corks are a risk for air ingress, which will spoil the wine quickly.

Keeping It Clean

Like any appliance, your wine cooler will benefit from regular cleaning and maintenance. Deep cleaning should be done once or twice a year, using non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloths. Unplug the unit before cleaning, and empty the cooler, including the shelves. Gently clean the inside, and wipe dry. It is advisable to give it a chance to air dry before repacking. Take extra precautions when cleaning shelves as damage can affect how bottles are held.

Being Sensible

More is not necessarily better. Note your cooler’s capacity and don’t exceed it. Place your cooler away from sunlight and heat sources. Some schools of thought that opine coolers can be used for items other than wine, but that is up to your discretion. A little bit of common sense and reading the manual will keep your cooler in excellent condition, bringing you many years of excellent service. Great wines are meant to be enjoyed, and your new cooler is the way to achieve this. The world of wine is going cooler crazy, and it’s a beautiful thing. Salud!

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