­­­How to Create Your Bodega at Home?

­­­How to Create Your Bodega at Home?

The following blog will look at the meaning of a bodega, whether it is worth constructing a bodega, how to store your wine correctly, and how long it should age. Furthermore, suppose you are considering creating your one wine bodega. It may be beneficial to consider purchasing a built in dual zone wine cooler and a wine cooler bucket to ensure that your wine is at the correct temperature when being served to friends and family. A wine fridge is essential when serving wine, as when a wine is served at the proper temperature, all the flavours and aromas are present and can be appreciated.   

The meaning of bodega regarding wine

If you are unfamiliar with the word ‘bodega’, it essentially means a store that is either independently owned or family-owned. It is usually a grocery store and can be found in populated neighbourhoods or towns. However, regarding wine, a bodega refers to something else. The word bodega is another word for a wine cellar or a specific place where one can store their wine.    

Is it worth constructing a bodega?

If you consider installing or building a wine cellar, you may ask yourself if it is worth it. The answer is straightforward, yes. Firstly, a wine cellar can be an excellent investment to add value to your home. Therefore when selling your home, you could receive an extra £10,000 to £15,000. Secondly, a wine cellar could end up making you money. This can be done by you ageing bottles of wine and then reselling the aged wine for a higher price than what you originally bought it for. Thirdly, it provides convenience by you not having to go to the bottle store to purchase wine; instead, you can just take a quick walk to your wine cellar.

How to store your wine correctly.

When storing wine, you want to ensure that the temperature is constant. This is because the temperature and temperature level decide how well your wine will age. If the temperature is too low, it will cause the wine to become crystalised; too high, the wine will start to turn nasty. Furthermore, if the temperature fluctuates, it will cause the cork to expand and shrink, allowing oxygen inside the bottle and leaving room for the wine to seep out. Moreover, you want to ensure that your wine is stored in a dark room without movement or vibrations. Sunlight can damage the wine’s aromas and flavours. Vibrations from washers, exercise rooms, or speaker systems will disrupt the wine’s sediment causing the precious ageing process to alter. Lastly, a wine needs to be in a room with a humidity of 60 to 68% and your bottles need to lay horizontally to ensure the wine keeps the cork moist.

How long should wine age for

The ageing process ultimately depends on the type of wine, as all wines have different specifications. For example, one should age it for three years when it comes to white wine. However, if it is a delicate white from Burgundy, it can age fifteen years. Moreover, full-bodied reds with a high tannin count can benefit from being aged for an extended period.  For example, a Barolo wine tends to reach its peak after ageing for ten years. However, red wines such as Pinot Noir do not need much ageing as they have an excellent acidity percentage which will fade the longer they are aged. A bodega is an excellent place to store one’s wine, and it has the correct environment allowing it to age effortlessly.

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