Essential Tips for Siemens Wine Cooler Use

Wine coolers are trending amongst oenophiles everywhere, and with good reason. Keeping your cherished collection at optimal temperatures ensures your wine’s longevity and ensuresat every mouthful is as full flavoured as intended. Your choice of wine cooler depends on the size of your collection and where you intend to keep it. Large and small options, free-standing or built-in, with every possibility catered for. Your wine bottles have never had it so easy. Irrespective of if you have a Bodega43 Wine coolers, Siemens wine cooler, or another brand entirely, there are some points to bear in mind.

Welcome Home, Cooler

When your cooler gets home, don’t jump the gun and start filling shelves. First, ensure that your cooler is in the best possible spot. The floor must be level and preferably uncarpeted. A plastic mat underneath is easy to clean and saves the hassle of attempting wine stain removal from carpets. There must be enough space around the unit to ensure adequate airflow, maintain temperature, and aid heat dissipation. Built-in models especially should be thoroughly checked before switching on. Once your cooler is in the ideal position, give it a quick cleaning and airing to eliminate the new cooler smell. After thorough drying, let it run for at least two hours before stocking up.

How to Keep Your Wine Happy

Both the Siemans and the Bodega43 coolers have inspired tech in protecting your bottled beauties. Both have good insulation, soft LED lighting and UV resistant glass. All models have …