Modern Minimalist House Roof

Modern house roofs with a minimalist style seem to have become a new trend in recent years. The roof of the house does have an essential function. This is because the roof acts as a protection for everything in the house.

The types of materials used as roofing materials are very diverse. The material and shape of the roof also determine the aesthetic value of a house.

Inspiration for the modern and minimalist house roof, here are some examples:

Flat Roof

The flat roof has become a favorite of home lovers with a minimalist design. The flat roof is a representation of a “clean” modern architectural design. The shape is very opposite to the sloping roof, a total slope of fewer than 10 degrees, which can be solid support in protecting the building from the sun and making the house look shadier.

This flat roof can also be used as a gathering space or commonly known as a rooftop. Apart from being used as a rooftop, a flat roof can also be used as a means of simple gardening.

Butterfly Roof

If you want the appearance of the house to be both more elegant and minimalist, the modern butterfly wing model of the roof can be one of the considerations. The shape that resembles a butterfly wing accentuates the modern impression. This roof model makes it easy for rainwater to gather in the middle and drain it down.

If you want to use a butterfly roof, you need to pay attention to the drainage system. Because garbage will also easily gather in the middle of the roof, it is necessary to clean it regularly. This rubbish and dirt will reduce the life of the roof by making it brittle and prone to leaks.

Skillion Roof

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What Is The Ideal Roof Height For a Comfortable House

Knowing the ideal roof height is not only beneficial in terms of aesthetics but also comfort. The roof with the right height will make the air circulation in the house better. That is why determining the height of the roof of the house cannot be done carelessly. Here are some tips for determining the ideal roof height for your home.

Adjust to the climate

The first thing you should pay attention to when determining the ideal roof height is the climate. Modern high roofs are suitable for houses built in tropical climates. This is because the high roof makes it easier for hot air to rise and circulate with cooler air. Conversely, a low roof is suitable for houses built in cold climates because it can withstand heat longer.

For tropical, the roof height can be made in the range of 3-4 meters. With this measure, the air exchange can run smoothly. The heat during the day can be suppressed even without air conditioning.

Follow the structure of the house building

Each house has a different building structure. The structure of this building also greatly affects the height of the various roofs. In a terraced house, for example, the height of the roof of a house cannot be compared to a house that is not terraced. Roofs for multi-story houses should not be made too high. It is possible, but a roof that is too high will require more steps in the house. As a result, expenses will also be more.

Pay attention to the function of space

In addition to climate, determining the ideal roof height must also pay attention to the function of space. Each room in the house certainly has its function. Some rooms are used for joint activities such as the family room and living room, … Read the rest