Modern Minimalist House Roof

Modern Minimalist House Roof

Modern house roofs with a minimalist style seem to have become a new trend in recent years. The roof of the house does have an essential function. This is because the roof acts as a protection for everything in the house.

The types of materials used as roofing materials are very diverse. The material and shape of the roof also determine the aesthetic value of a house.

Inspiration for the modern and minimalist house roof, here are some examples:

Flat Roof

The flat roof has become a favorite of home lovers with a minimalist design. The flat roof is a representation of a “clean” modern architectural design. The shape is very opposite to the sloping roof, a total slope of fewer than 10 degrees, which can be solid support in protecting the building from the sun and making the house look shadier.

This flat roof can also be used as a gathering space or commonly known as a rooftop. Apart from being used as a rooftop, a flat roof can also be used as a means of simple gardening.

Butterfly Roof

If you want the appearance of the house to be both more elegant and minimalist, the modern butterfly wing model of the roof can be one of the considerations. The shape that resembles a butterfly wing accentuates the modern impression. This roof model makes it easy for rainwater to gather in the middle and drain it down.

If you want to use a butterfly roof, you need to pay attention to the drainage system. Because garbage will also easily gather in the middle of the roof, it is necessary to clean it regularly. This rubbish and dirt will reduce the life of the roof by making it brittle and prone to leaks.

Skillion Roof

Have you ever seen a roof model with only one inclined plane? The roof of the model house is commonly known as a skillion or roof back. If most houses have 2 or more sloping roofs, then this skillion roof only relies on one sloping roof.

This model is quite attractive because of its minimalist impression but looks quite modern. The slope is approximately 20 to 40 inches, adjusted to the building area. The back roof generally has the advantage of not using too much material.

Gable Roof

The next modern house roof is a gable roof or also known as a gable roof. The simple impression is the strong appearance of the roof of this model. Also, the functional character of the roof is included in the modern roof design.

Gable roofs can provide additional floor space within the roof volume. This room is usually used as an attic. The modern impression is also increasing because the resulting ceiling is similar to a dome. This ceiling will later add volume to the room. Gable roofs can also make natural light into the room easier.

Hip & Valley Roof

Modern house roofs of this style are rarely found in Indonesia. Usually used in countries in the Americas and Europe. This is because this type of roof has a function to block wind and snow.

The material used to make hip & valley is an asphalt roof that has a lighter mass. A minimalist and modern form is perfect for houses with a monochrome concept. For a house in a windy area, this hip & valley style roof is very appropriate because the function of the roof can break the wind that blows around it.

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