How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

How To Decorate Your Living Room Walls

Your living room walls are the perfect spot to add some flair to your home. They’re not only a great place to hang your favorite art and photos, but also a way to bring some style into a space that can be boring and bland. The trick is finding the right combination of style and function for your needs—after all, you don’t want your walls to look like they belong in an art museum (although that might work for someone else). So what’s the best way to decorate my living room walls? Keep reading!

Frame your favorite things.

Framing your favorite things is a great way to personalize and accentuate a room. However, it can get expensive if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are many ways around this! If you have a large piece of art that’s just begging for some framing and display space, consider using a shadow box instead of traditional frames–it’ll look great on the wall but won’t take up too much space (or cost as much).

Shadow boxes are boxes with glass fronts that hold photos or other small items like keepsakes from trips abroad or souvenirs from family vacations. They’re also very easy to customize: just paint them any color and decorate however suits your taste best!

Use gallery walls to display art, photos and collectibles.

Pairing a variety of sizes, shapes and materials will create a more balanced collection. You can also mix in some color by using paintings or photographs with different subjects that you like. The key is to hang them at eye level so they’re all visible from any seat in the room. Finally, hang some pieces higher than others to add interest without making the room feel crowded or cluttered

Paint the walls a bold color.

Paint the walls a bold color.

Painting the walls is one of the easiest ways to add color to a room, and it can be an especially dramatic effect when you use a bold color. If you’re looking for something more subtle, go with neutrals instead–or try painting just half of your wall (either top or bottom). Make sure to prime first!

Hang statement art on a feature wall.

When it comes to decorating your living room walls, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you should choose the right size art for the space. If your walls are bare and empty, smaller pieces will look better than larger ones. However, if you already have some sort of wall decor in place–such as a painting or mirror–then larger pieces may work better because they’ll fill up more of that empty space on your wall.

Secondarily (or perhaps even firstly), consider what kind of piece would fit best in this particular area of the house: Abstract paintings are great for modern homes; landscapes go well with rustic interiors; portraits work well with traditional styles; etcetera ad nauseam!

Thirdly…well actually forget about thirds altogether because there are only two parts here: Choose where exactly you want this piece hung up before buying anything at all so there won’t be any surprises later down the road when it comes time for installation day!

Put up several pieces of art.

  • Use different sizes and shapes of art.
  • Try to use art that is not all the same style.
  • Try to use art that is not all the same color.
  • Try to use art that is not all the same subject matter or theme, but it doesn’t have to be completely random either (for example, if you have a painting of an owl on one wall, don’t put another painting with an owl in it on another wall).

Use shelves to display collectibles, books and decor pieces.

Shelves are a great way to display collectibles, books and decor pieces. If you want to show off your collection of vintage teacups or crystal vases, consider hanging them on the wall. You could also use shelves to display photos in frames (especially those taken by friends) or art that you’ve created yourself.

If you have plants in your living room, they’ll look much better on a shelf than they would scattered across an end table or coffee table.

Hang string lights above your bar cart or coffee table.

String lights are a great way to add soft lighting to your living room. You can hang them over a coffee table or bar cart, and they’ll highlight artwork, books, and decor pieces. String lights also create a romantic atmosphere when used in conjunction with other decorations like candles or flowers.

Use these tips to decorate your living room wall!

The tips in this article are simple and easy to implement, but they can make a big difference in how your living room looks. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your living room wall, give these tips a try!

  • Use paint or wallpaper: You can use either paint or wallpaper to decorate the walls of your living room. Both options are inexpensive and easy-to-maintain, so pick whichever one works best for you!
  • Hang framed artwork: Framed artwork adds color and style to any space–and it’s especially helpful if you don’t have much wall space available for hanging things on!

We hope that our tips have inspired you to decorate your living room walls. Whether it’s a simple frame or string lights, there are so many ways to add some personality and color to this space! The key is finding what works best for your home and lifestyle. And don’t forget about those blank spaces above the fireplace or windows–those can be great places for artwork too! If you want even more ideas on how to decorate other rooms in your home (like bedrooms), check out our blog post all about it here: How To Decorate A Bedroom

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