Asian Decor Differences

Asian Decor Differences

When one hears references to Asian decor this typically is meant to imply the use of Japanese or Chinese themes. These two ways to decorate your home vary. Japanese decorating is usually very calming and minimalist. Chinese decor on the other hand is very drastic and dramatic. If you would like to achieve either of these looks keep reading. Below you will find tips to help you fulfill your dream in an inexpensive and simple way.

Chinese goes to complete the opposite extreme. Their decorating uses many bright colors, especially red. This color is consider to be lucky in the Chinese culture.. Even wood is often painted the color red. Dark woods often used are as well because of the contrast they offer. Other color schemes are possible for Chinese décor. Typically these involve the use of yellow and blue. No matter what color scheme you choose remember to pick colors that are bright.

Add several piece of Chinese Art. Carvings and figurines made of animals are common accent pieces also. Murals painted with dramatic scenes will help your theme seem real. If you need more bangs you can consider placing silk curtains on the windows or silk pillows. Not all of your accessories must be traditionally Chinese as long as they match the color scheme and do not overtake your focal point. Whatever you choose think grand for a Chinese theme. For Japanese decor your choices should come from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Japanese decorating is based on the natural world. This includes natural light so if you have a room that gets a lot of sunlight this style may be for you. Try to draw all of the accents you use from nature as well. Any furniture should be kept to a minimum. Make sure the furnishings are sit close to the ground.

An area rug will be an important purchase for this room. Area rugs have been featured accessories in Asian homes for hundreds of years. When you are choosing an area rug for this kind of decorating you must keep in mind all the usual rules for major home purchase. This often includes making sure you know the proper measurements of the area it will be placed in as well as your budget. You will need to pick an area rug that matches your décor. If you have decided to go with Chinese decor make to pick a traditional Oriental rug. For Japanese decor you should try to find an area rug with neutral colors and a short nap. This should blend your room while being muted. You do not want this to be the focus of the room, but rather just a comfort tool.

Pick a theme and stay with it. By following these simple tips your job should be quite easy. Your room will come together quickly and there will be little expense. The effort required is minimal as well. Soon you will be enjoying a fantastic new decor that will amaze.

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