What You Need Before You Move – Discount Kitchen Appliances And More

What You Need Before You Move - Discount Kitchen Appliances And More

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You’re moving and it’s time to think about what you need and what you don’t. Here are some basics to cover before you decide what’s garbage and what to keep.

1. Furniture: Does your furniture smell funny? Maybe it’s comfortable, but if you can see the grooves in the couch where you were just sitting, it’s time to go shopping. I know, I know, buying new furniture can be daunting, especially when you aren’t in the money. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find discount home furniture. A new couch is always a welcome touch, and it won’t cost you too much if you look around for it. A good place to shop is a wholesale furniture liquidator.

2. Kitchen: This is an important one. If your pots and pans have a thin black crust on them – the silver surface hasn’t seen the light of day for years, toss ’em and buy discount kitchen appliances and cookware. Go to a restaurant wholesaler and buy what you need. They will offer the quality that you want at the prices you desire. Gadgets and appliances can add up, and if you’re not married, you probably don’t have a blender or garlic press. But these small items can have major benefits and be money savers in the long run (everyone knows it’s less expensive to make your own food than to eat out). A discount Cuisinart and Supentown rice maker can make a big difference in your culinary life.

3. Garage: This is where most of the trash in your home winds up, right? Amid the levels of dust and grime are your childhood baseball cards, partially deflated sports balls and other bric-a-brac that has seen better days. If it has sentimental value, keep it. But if you don’t see yourself using it in the next year, chuck it. Tools are an exception, you will always need these even if it isn’t an imminent.

4. Bedroom: A mattress typically lasts for 10 years. But there’s nothing wrong with mattress donation if you want to upgrade to a bigger size. A new headboard is a luxury item that a classy bedroom would benefit from, but old box springs hardly matter. If you have tons of old clothing and shoes, think about what you actually wear and what just sits on hangers. Give it to Goodwill if it’s not in current use.

5. Bathroom: You’re supposed to buy a new toothbrush once every three months. A new shower curtain can be a welcome addition to a bathroom with a different color scheme.

In general, if there are things that you don’t want to bring with you to your new home, donate them. You can write them off your taxes and you can feel better about giving things you don’t use to people who will use them. Don’t worry if you wind up spending some extra cash on stocking up on new items – these will last for a while in your new home. Don’t rush and look for items that will work well in the space of your new home.

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