The Difference Between Turf and Lawn Sowing

Many people would like to have a beautiful lawn in their garden. You can achieve this in two different ways. First, you can sow grass with grass seed yourself, or you can choose to lay turf. If you know little about this, this choice is difficult to make. Below you can read about the advantages and disadvantages of both sodding and self-sowing. This will help you make the perfect choice for your lawn.

Sowing grass

The first option is to sow the grass. Of course, this has several advantages and disadvantages compared to sodding. The first major advantage of sowing the grass is that it is at least 10 times cheaper than turf. From a cost point of view it is therefore the most effective method. In addition, seeding grass is better suited for small areas, because you do not have to cut half a lawn to size. There are also many different types of grass seed, so there is something for everyone. For example, you can plant an ornamental lawn that is pleasing to the eye or a play lawn where your children can romp around. Sowing grass yourself is also easy to do, you can do it with a spreader but you can also do it with just your hands.

The disadvantages of grass seed are that it doesn’t give quick results, because it still has to germinate. It takes about seven days until you have a nice lawn. In addition, a self-sown lawn requires more maintenance. You …