Selecting a Billiard Room Theme

Selecting a Billiard Room Theme

If you’ve planned on redecorating or constructing a billiard or rec room, one of the leading decisions you will end up against, or else the main, is deciding on any theme. Many ideas exist for billiard room themes, and whatever you choose will likely be entirely up to you. Hopefully, a number of the following ideas will no less than assistance to nudge you in the right direction.

First of all, keep a few things in mind. Color coordination is nearly always required for a good looking rec room. Whichever theme you’re going with needs to be immediately apparent for everyone who steps foot into your new billiard room depending on the colors you’ve chosen. If your friends know you’re an NHL fan and they also see red and black everywhere, they need to be capable to figure out you selected a New Jersey Devils theme.

Also, don’t limit yourself to particular theme colors even though you believe you might not be capable of finding a matching billiard table felt color or bar top. A myriad of table felt colors are available, including anything from black to white. And with a bar top, anything can be done with some little bit of imagination.

So what are some theme ideas for your billiard or rec room?

To answer this question, first, you need to take into account your interests and hobbies. What is it you want to make it happen holds your attention for about hours and hours? For me, football is my passion. My home billiard room is situated around a Saint Louis Rams theme, including decors like bar stools, a dartboard, rugs, wall posters, clocks, and more.

Professional sports teams are only the end in the iceberg so far as possible themes go. Themes can focus on just about anything that comes to mind.

Some theme ideas include:

– Pro or Collegiate Sports

– Automotive Logos

– Billiard or Pool Hall Theme

– Holiday Colors or Specific Time of Year

– Beer or Soda Logos

– Poker Theme

– Superhero Theme

– Culture-Based Theme

– Outdoor Theme

– Animal Theme

– Location-Based Theme (tropical, Las Vegas, Paris, etc.)

– Hollywood Movie Theme

– Outer Space or Zodiac Symbols

– Beach Theme

With each theme idea, some items and decor you wish to consider utilizing to liven up your rec room. First and foremost is the pool table. If you do have a billiard table, or perhaps you anticipate getting one, consider a table felt color that refers to your theme, just like a white or blue felt color to the Saint Louis Blues, or perhaps red or blue felt an advanced Spider-Man fan. Also, another big consideration to account for will be the paint color and floor style of your rec room.

If you’re a patriotic, Fourth of July nut, then opt for red, white, and blue colors. Or if you fancy the Amazon Rainforest, opt for greens and browns, as well as a plant in every corner! Along with the major furniture pieces with your rec room, purchase other smaller items that go with your theme. If you want a simple billiard theme, go along with a miniature pool ball felt wall clock and an 8-Ball logo Tiffany billiard lamp. Or if you are always your friends stop by for a couple of rounds to observe the large game, consider committing to some stools plus a pub table for your brand-new home bar. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Selecting a theme for your new rec room must be a great and exciting process. Hopefully, these ideas have provided some insight for assorted theme ideas for billiard and rec rooms. And remember, choose something you do have a desire for, and continuously enjoy your brand-new, themed rec room every single day.

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