How To Choose The Right Coffee Table For Your Living Room

How To Choose The Right Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Choosing a table for the living room is one of the most important, but often overlooked decor decisions. Tables are referred to as a coffee table is often located in the middle and serve a very practical purpose in the living room. Without this table, we will have difficulty in putting your favorite beverage, decor magazines, remote control, and our gadgets.

The coffee table is arguably the one that can give the living room the most character. And usually the items of furnishings and decor accents from the homeowner, really reflect their personality.

The coffee table is the second most fun part of designing a living room after choosing a sofa. From marble to wood reclaimed, there are so many delightful coffee table designs to choose from.

Here are some guidelines and ideas to choose the best coffee table for your living room:

The Coffee Table Must Be Proportional To The Sofa

As a good rule of thumb, a coffee table that you buy should have at least half the length of your sofa, but not longer than the sofa itself. A coffee table length of three-quarters of the length of the sofa is very good in size and two-thirds of the length of the sofa is considered the most perfect size. The height of your coffee table should equal the height of your sofa chair, subtract, or add a few inches.

Selection Type Coffee Table Best For The Sofa

It depends on the type of sofa you already have! If an existing standard horizontal sofa, we recommend using an oval or rectangular coffee table. If the sofa is sectional or L-shaped, we recommend using a coffee table that is round or square to fit. Of course, it’s not too binding to follow these rules if you want a table of your unique preference.

Here is the main shape of a coffee table that can be selected:

Oval Coffee Table

Nice oval coffee table to balance form and function. This table offers plenty of space to put stuff on it. There are no sharp edges here, so an oval table is perfect for people with children.

Square Coffee Table

Square coffee tables are more modern and offer the most amount of surface space and use.

The square coffee table gives a nice and symmetrical look to your living room. This is the most practical shape coffee table and sometimes offers storage under the tabletop. Favorite coffee tables are usually made of marble, brass, wood, or glass.

Round Coffee Table

Round coffee tables can be very inviting for guests and extended families who may want to occasionally dine around the coffee table while watching a movie. Add some small pillows on the floor to complete the table accessories.

Here are some recommendations for each material.

Marble Coffee Table

The marble coffee table is one of the most sought after coffee tables. Marble is a heavy and expensive coffee table material. An old brass coffee table can give your living room a vintage appeal.

Wooden Coffee Table

A wooden coffee table is a great choice for farmhouses and anyone who wants a rustic feel in their living room. A glass coffee table is a minimal approach to a coffee table and allows the sofa to attract more attention.

Mirror Coffee Table

A mirrored coffee table adds a touch of elegance to any living room. You don’t have to rely on a traditional coffee table if you don’t want to. Many families choose coffee tables made from non-conventional materials or objects. for example a vintage suitcase as a coffee table or other recycled item.

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