September 27, 2020

Home Renovations Made over Time

Over the past few months, I’ve been slowly making changes to my home to make it look more modern. I’ve given the home a new coat of paint, gotten rid of the wallpaper and made the walls completely bare for paint, added some new rugs and carpeting to some of the rooms, gotten some new furniture, and even put in a skylight. My latest renovation involved adding some plantation shutters to the windows of my home. I was having a bit of trouble deciding on which ones I should get. I contacted a company and asked for their assistance with picking the right shutters.

The company came to my home and measured the windows. They then showed me some shutter samples that might look good with my windows. They all looked pretty good to me, and I could see all of the shutters fitting in my home, so I was still having trouble picking a good one that would be best for my windows. I had to make a decision by chance. I took out a pair of dice and rolled them, with each number pair corresponding to a set of shutters. The one that won became my choice for the windows.

After that, the installation of the shutters was pretty much a piece of cake. It happened so quickly that I barely realized it. They were done in quite a professional manner. I then had to decide what would be the next thing in my home that I would change. I thought about getting a fireplace in my living room to spruce it up, but I didn’t want to really manage a gas or wood fireplace all year long. I decided that I would just leave the home as it was for the moment, and think of something down the line.