Designing With Modern Flair

Do you love clean lines and simplicity in your home? If you do, then decorating with a modern look is probably what you will want to incorporate. Using great organizational tools, neutral colors, and clean lines, are all ways to help you achieve this look. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

Designing With Modern Flair

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If you have ever seen homes that are decorated with a modern flair, you will notice that the spaces are generally very open and clutter free. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything in your home, but you will need to find ways and spaces where you can put it all away. For example, having a basket in each room in an inconspicuous spot, where you put all of your excess items each day, can be a great way of keeping your modern house looking clutter free. Another great thing is to design your home with a lot of cabinets in it. If your home is already built, adding great wall cabinet displays can really help you achieve this look.

If you are going for the modern look, then using clean, neutral colors will definitely help to get you there. Using a lot of lighter colors will really help you to open up the space. White walls with black picture frames can easily be a striking display in your rooms. Using white walls, cabinets, and countertops in your kitchen will help you to maintain a clean lined, open look to the space. You can add splashes of color through your favorite artwork or in the place settings on your dining room table. This will keep everything very simplistic and help you to not make your use of color too overwhelming. A dramatic art piece, which is very colorful, will help you to put your unique flair into the room without compromising the modern décor.

A great way to add the lines that are so indicative of a modern design is through your area rugs. You can use these to offset spaces in your home and to create certain living areas. For example, it is really fun to use a rug to offset the living space in your living room. It can be used to design a square space in the middle of the room where you center all of the main seating pieces around it. This blocks off this area of the room and leaves the rest of the room open and airy. This is also true for the dining room, where it can be used underneath your dining room table to offset that space and leave the rest of the space open. Area rugs come in a myriad of designs, and this can be the one area you add a lot of color or keep it simple. The area rug can also have a complex design or straight lines or circles. These are available online, which will make your shopping for them much easier and quicker.

Using great organizational tools, neutral colors and area rugs, can help you to easily attain the modern look you are going for in your home. Remember to make each room your own and add some of your personality into it. Regardless of the tips from above that you employ to help you, creating your look can be stress free and easy. Let’s start decorating!

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